Real Stories

One Meal One Day is a special campaign that helps meet the urgent needs of children in poverty who are facing severe malnutrition due to food insecurity.

To date, our supporters have raised over $300,000!

These vital financial resources have ensured thousands of children receive the nutritional support they need to get back on the road to healthy development. Here are some reasons why your participation in One Meal One Day is so meaningful:

Shefali and her baby daughter were suffering from severe malnutrition. The mother was so weak she could not stand properly and was unable to produce breast milk. Compassion intervened, providing Shefali with a meal every day and milk and fruits for her baby. The two are no longer on the brink of starvation.

Jhon James, Dayana and Wendy were living in extremely impoverished conditions with their mother when Compassion staff noted the children were undersized. Doctor exams revealed the children were malnourished and anemic. Compassion began providing the children meals and vitamins, which has restored their bodies.

Nayeli had a fever and could barely cry due to weakness. At a clinic, the physicians confirmed third degree malnutrition was killing the baby. For four days Nayeli was fed at the clinic. Afterward, Compassion began providing her mother with special milk, vitamins and food to protect the child. She is stronger and has learned to walk.

Lucas and his siblings had bloated stomachs, red hair, skeletal feet and visible veins throughout their bodies. They were suffering from malnutrition. Compassion stepped in and began providing beans, rice, pasta, corn, fish and other foods for the family every month. The children are returning to health.

The following stories are meant to be shared. They put faces and names to the harsh realities of poverty and reveal the restoration that abounds when people like you get involved. Email, print and pass these stories around. Help rally support for this vital campaign.