"I stand with the refrigerator door wide open, staring aimlessly at the variety of options. I move items out of the way to get a better look at what is in the back. I think to myself, 'Nothing looks good.' Have you ever said that to yourself? I am fortunate to have plenty. That's why I am raising funds for children who don't."
Robert, One Meal One Day Skipper & Supporter

Thousands of people have joined the One Meal One Day movement to make sure children in extreme poverty no longer have to suffer from hunger. Here's what some of them have to say:

Grace, California "Every child is precious to God and needs to know how much she is loved and matters, despite how circumstances may make her feel worthless. One Meal One Day delivers real help and hope in Jesus' name."

Matt, Youth Group Leader, Colorado "The change in our youth group has been remarkable. One Meal One Day has helped our students turn serving from a one-time event into a lifestyle. This is a big deal in our ministry. Our students have embraced the call of Christ to follow after Him and his example."

Rachael, Minnesota "Do we have enough? Or do we have more than enough? So many children don't have the luxury of choices like we do. What food or meal might you be willing to give up for a day so a child in poverty doesn't have to?"

Joy, Idaho "Last March I had the amazing opportunity to visit Roosbell, one of my Compassion-sponsored children in Ecuador. It was an experience I won't forget. Extreme poverty is real. One Meal One Day provides real help for children who face profound malnutrition and food insecurity."

Katie, Virginia "By giving up just one of your favorite meals for one day, you can help a little boy or girl in a developing country receive the extra nutritional care they need. Deuteronomy 15:11."

Taryn, New York "Between my birthdays this year and next, 6 million children will die because they didn't have access to things I take for granted. That's why to celebrate my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to One Meal One Day."

Carmen, Tennessee "Last May we visited the Dominican Republic and saw first-hand how Compassion is releasing children from poverty. Their approach is comprehensive and long term. One Meal One Day plays a role in this strategy. Be a part of it."